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Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands, England, Iran, United States, Wales, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, France
Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands, England, Iran, USA, Wales, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan
FIFA World Cup 2022
Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia, Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

'FIFA World Cup' in Qatar finally raises the curtain this Sunday with the opening duel between the host and Ecuador, an appetizer of a competition that was born marked by controversy and in which Brazil and Argentina start as great contenders for the title defended by France.

How to watch FIFA World Cup (2022) Stream Qatar FIFA World Cup is Groups, fixtures, America.

FIFA World Cup Qatar In the Al Bayt stadium, some 50 kilometers north of Doha, the 22nd edition of the World Cup will begin, the first in an Arab country, ending the 4,371 days that have passed since FIFA chose the emirate in December 2010 as venue of the great tournament. More than a decade for the small country to prepare to host 32 teams and hundreds of thousands of fans, with eight top-level stadiums, seven of them built from scratch for the occasion.

"Welcome to the Arab World Cup", headlined the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq this Sunday, while groups of foreign fans, more and more numerous, walked along La Corniche, the tourist promenade of Doha Bay. A few miles away, at the central ticketing office, the lines of buyers swell like they haven't since it opened in mid-October.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Streaming For Free For a Limited Time in US

The first commercial flight between Israel and Qatar, two countries that did not have diplomatic relations, left Tel-Aviv for Doha this Sunday as part of a special program for the tournament. The personalities have begun to arrive, from the Senegalese president Macky Sall to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed ben Salmane, a few hours before an opening ceremony that will mix "Qatari tradition and universal culture" and that will try to have a dimension of the Games Olympics.

The long-awaited World Cup in Qatar 2022 raises the curtain with the match between the hosts, Qatar, and Ecuador. The duel will begin at 5:00 p.m., but before that we will have an aperitif with the opening ceremony at the Al Bayt stadium in Doha.

FIFA has announced that the sponsorship packages for the Qatar 2022 World Cup have been completed, the seven corresponding to the universal scope and all the continental ones.

According to the organization's letter, made public hours before the opening match Qatar-Ecuador, which will be played at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor, the "investments made by commercial affiliates contribute to the success of the competition and the development of football throughout the world".

Fine Hygienic Holding, the latest continental promoter to join the World Cup, will provide disinfectants, cleaning products and hand sanitizer dispensers at all venues and tournament venues.

The list comprises seven FIFA partners and seven World Cup sponsors, along with continental promoters from FIFA's five business regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, North and South America.

Continental promoters that have held the last three positions in this category are YouTube, Visit Las Vegas and Fine Hygienic Holding.

“It is fantastic to forge such fruitful collaborations with our valued business partners and sponsors for this incredible spectacle the first FIFA World Cup to be held in the Middle East,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino of Switzerland.

How to watch FIFA World Cup played from 20 November to 18 December

“Your support contributes to the success of this innovative tournament and ensures that essential funds and various global programs are channeled to all 211 member associations that contribute to the continued development of our sport around the world for truly global football,” he commented.

The songs from the different World Cup editions are played on the stadium's loudspeakers. Pets from each contested event are added to the stage.

T-shirts and flags of the 32 participating teams parade through the center of the Al Bayt field.

You can watch the World Cup from any mobile device and also online live online. You just have to connect to DirecTV Go, which is the DirecTV Sports APP, which broadcasts all the matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

What channels will show the Watch FIFA World Cup in USA?

For Peru, you can enjoy all the matches live through the transmission of DirecTV Sports. But, some games will also go for the open signal. Latina Televisión, channel 2, also has a matchup package.

Qatar 2022 World Cup schedule and when does it start?

The times for the World Cup matches are at 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. m. and 2:00 p.m. m. This is according to the time zone of Peru.

Groups, fixture and calendar of the 2022 World Cup

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.

Group B: England, Iran, United States and Wales.

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

Group D: France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.

Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan.

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia.

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

World Cup 2026 venue?

The next qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup would be starting in the middle of the year. As you remember, the next World Cup will be held in three American countries: the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Songs from different nations filled the Al Bayt, in the middle the typical “Let's go, let's go, Argentina” was heard.

FIFA World Cup 2022 To Watch in several football stadiums

The opening ceremony of the Qatar 2022 World Cup began with Morgan Freeman in the narration

Beating the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: fans begin to fill the stands of Al Bayt half an hour before kick-off

Throughout the history of football, that match that raises the curtain on the World Cup has been of increasing importance. Know the details of each edition.

It is the moment that is expected for that four-year space that seems eternal to soccer fans. First it is something imprecise and distant, when it is established on what date the World Cup will begin. At the time of the draw we put the names to those empty boxes and we already know what the opening game will be, which we will watch with passion, even if our team does not say present, as a way of calming anxiety before Argentina's debut. That match that raises the curtain on the World Cup has had many stories surrounding it throughout these almost 100 years of legend.

Where is the release date of FIFA World Cup for Qatar?

The big day has come. There are only a few hours left before the start of the 2022 World Cup, in which 32 national teams will compete for the most precious soccer trophy. Qatar welcomes all lovers of this sport, many of whom have already come to the World Cup host cities to support their teams and closely follow the championship.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for this Sunday at 14:00 GMT, at the Al Bayt Stadium, located 40 kilometers north of Doha, just before the opening match of Group A between the host country and Ecuador.

Named after the tents used by Gulf nomads, the 60,000-capacity Al Bayt Stadium is one of the largest venues in the country.

Although FIFA has yet to announce the full lineup of artists for the opening ceremony, South Korean group BTS has announced that Jungkook, one of the seven members of the band, will perform a song titled 'Dreamers' at the ceremony. Also, according to reports, possible performers for the opening ceremony include the Black Eyed Peas, Robbie Williams and Nora Fatehi.

The host Qatar, also making its World Cup debut, will kick off the 2022 FIFA World Cup by facing Ecuador this Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., whose presence was in question until the end. for the alleged falsification of the passport of one of its players. Although the TAS sanctioned Ecuador with 3 points less in the next World Cup qualifiers, they have not wanted to risk it and have left Castillo out of the World Cup.

Doha, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) The soundtrack of Qatar 2022 today transcends the virtual scene to materialize on the stage of the Al Bayt Stadium and signal the start of the race towards the soccer World Cup trophy.

On the opening day, the International Federation of the discipline (FIFA) promises a "dazzling ceremony", whose menu will have as its main course the performance of the South Korean pop singer Jung Kook and the local Fahad Al Kubaisi, with the theme Dreamers.

The performers will give their voice to a piece that evokes the principles that the event defends: unity without distinction, through respect and inclusion, while they will set the pace for a half-hour show in an environment inspired by a Bedouin tent.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup: Is it Streaming or in USA vs Wales

The sample of compositions from the universal fight includes titles such as The World is Yours to Take (The world is yours), by the American rapper Lil Baby; and the single Hayya Hayya (Better Together), which united the cultures of America, Africa and the Middle East in the voices of Trinidad Cardona, Davido and Aisha.

Likewise, the work Arhbo stands out, interpreted by the rapper Gims and the reggaeton player Ozuna, integrated into FIFA Sound, a soundtrack project that started last April with the purpose of bringing "the spirit of the World Cup like never before," he pointed out. the official page of the federation.

As the organizers pointed out, on this occasion football constitutes a reason for the confluence of society, while the Earth emerges as that great store in which "we all live", ideas that will be defended in each of the scenographic concepts.

In the same way, the shows extol the legacy of previous hosts of the contest and the volunteers of the championship, which will promote the dialogue on inclusion and diversity at the hands of hundreds of creators and the ambassador of the tournament, Ghanim Al Muftah.

Likewise, the program already included the presentation the day before of the Colombian Maluma, waiting for other stars of the industry such as the local artist Dana and the bands BTS and Black Eyed Peace, who will merge different traditions and pay tribute to the 32 teams aspiring to the title.

Set for 5:40 p.m. local time, the opening event will kick off a month of disputes on the green grass, always between goals and dribbling, with unavoidable farewells and a broad collateral agenda of cultural activities.

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